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Gambar inuyasha kagome

She could be blunt and make a harsh point to someone, even to a friend. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter. Their relationship is seen and discussed at length by Sango and Miroku, who talk to Inuyasha and Kagome on their respective gender sides Sango talks to Kagome and Miroku talks to Inuyasha.

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Gambar inuyasha kagome

Kagome recalled that Kohaku had a single Jewel Shard on him and wondered if they would find him. Read More. Keduanya terpisah selama tiga tahun lamanya pinterest. The "sword in the stone" is a popular trope and Inuyasha , of course, has its own adaptation. Meski penuh batuan terjal, ternyata kisah cinta Inuyasha dan Kagome indah juga, ya? I've already made up my mind. Incense of Spring Sleep! But now, with Inuyasha my my side, I am not afraid anymore.

Higurashi [5] and Mrs. I want to see Inuyasha once more! Kagome has stated in Movie 3 that she hates to fight, but at the same time wouldn't leave Inuyasha to fight alone. Spiritual Powers Purification Spiritual Awareness. Verified Writer Diana Ekawati. Despite being exasperated with Inuyasha's rudeness and tactless words, she nevertheless learns to put up with it, especially when she learns of his more gentle side. In exchange for freeing her from the demon's control, Shiori offered the Blood coral crystal to Inuyasha. Kagome has taken care of Kohaku several times throughout the series, despite the fact that he almost killed her on Naraku's orders. Is the one and only correct wish? Whatever the case, Kagome keeps watching over Inuyasha and is always a source of comfort.

Even with this, she wasn't without her flawed, quirky and immature side, which is typical of her age. Saat itu Inuyasha masih disegel oleh panah seorang biarawati. Even when backed into a corner, she figures out solutions and dares to execute it, often producing unexpected good results. The two girls act like sisters toward each other and often discuss secrets and feelings amongst themselves. Rejected parts. Keduanya pun berpetualang bersama mencari bola empat arwah. This usually caused arguments between the two. Kagome is the firstborn child and only daughter of Mr.

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In exchange for freeing her from the demon's control, Shiori offered the Blood coral crystal to Inuyasha. Kagome's emotions are always rich. Kagome's reckless courage is known to always be in full force. Sesshomaru was burned when he touched it while Inuyasha just could not get it out. Bahkan animenya pernah tayang di salah satu TV swasta di Indonesia. After Botan and Momiji fail to stop Inuyasha and the others, they quickly find Tsubaki again. I can't deny it. Mereka tidak sendirian, ditemani oleh Shippo, Miroku, Sango dan Kirara pinterest. Pasrah dengan takdir Tuhan selanjutnya.

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Whatever the case, Kagome keeps watching over Inuyasha and is always a source of comfort. Somewhere along the way, she broke the tension between herself and Inuyasha, who at the time was deeply wounded from the supposed betrayal he had suffered and trusted no one, being used to being alone. When Kagome is involved in battles, she used her knowledge to the fullest and analyzed the situation to the best of her ability, unlike that of Inuyasha who just recklessly jumps in without thinking. In the modern day era, Kagome was on the list for high school and is taking a ton of exams in order to make it into high school. He lowered his barrier and allowed his scent to escape to lure him in. Verified Writer Dian Arthasalina. Sign In Don't have an account? Her relationship with Inuyasha is, at first, simply companions on a journey, and they constantly quarreled at the beginning, always arguing and bickering with each other.

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She understands that it was not Kohaku's fault, and helped Sango try to get Kohaku to remember his past. Kagome's emotions are always rich. The two even almost shared a kiss with each other but were interrupted by the sudden arrival of Kagome's family. As she came to understand Inuyasha's reliable strength and surprisingly vulnerable side, small feelings of love towards him began to grow inside her which only grew stronger as time passed. Kagome frequently proves that she is not someone to sit around idly while Inuyasha does all the fighting. Tsubaki again defiles the shards in Kagome's body further, and soon sends her serpent shikigami to kill Kagome. Kagome eventually left her original time to live with Inuyasha as his wife and with her friends. Kagome dan Inuyasha pun hidup sendiri di dunianya masing-masing.

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Kagome was able to momentarily regain control of her body and begged Inuyasha to run, but he did not. It shows that despite some arguments the two of them have, they both share a close relationship with each other. In addition, she has her family to protect. Because of her beauty and attractiveness, Kagome was one of the main targets for Miroku's comical lecherous tendencies, although overtime he focused more on Sango. By that time, Kagome started to wonder Naraku's real wish, much to the latter's curiosity. You may have a complete Shikon Jewel but you haven't fully absorbed it yet. Despite her envy, she refused to leave his side even if meant her pain, which surprised her friends. Start Your Free Trial.

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