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She is noted to possess an extraordinary recovery rate from injury. Reiju has sharp intuition, as she had some suspicion that Pudding was not the kind person she appeared to be, a feat that Pudding herself complimented. Said poison was said to be more than enough to kill any normal human instantaneously, as well as a giant even, and was causing Luffy, who has himself built up an extreme poison resistance, to debilitate to the brink of death in no time.

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One piece bokep

To Sanji's shock, she proceeded to tell him that they should act as if they knew nothing, and allow the assassination of their family whom she referred to collectively as "murderers" to go ahead during the Tea Party. In the Whole Cake Chateau infirmary, Reiju wore a white frilled dress shirt, a dark thong and a bandage wrapped around her left leg. After her brothers' birth, her mother became bedridden, and during Sora's final years, Reiju occasionally visited her and listened as Sora recounted stories from Sanji's visits. Sign In Don't have an account? Terms :. Black Drum Kingdom :. Sanji, in turn, continually objected to the idea of allowing Reiju to die, revealing to a touched Reiju that he does care deeply for her. Other Associates :. While she was a shining example of a student, Smoker was a troublemaker and Hina had to bail him out on several occasions. It protects her from fire [83] , bullets [84] , and strong blows.

She has been shown to be a respectful and rational person, calmly admitting her loss after trying to capture Luffy. Three hours before Ace 's execution, Hina listened to Sengoku 's speech about Ace's past. While the rest of their family expressed outrage at Sanji's denouncements of their royal pride, Reiju simply smiled, fascinated. Reiju then asked where Sanji got his chivalry from. During the six months of Sanji's imprisonment, Reiju and her three other siblings made great progress with their training. However, when Sanji later visited Reiju and explained the real reason of her being placed in the infirmary, Reiju believed him immediately. Hina in her youth as a marine in One Piece Film: Z. Due to her family's technological prowess, Reiju possesses a raid suit which she wears in combat.

Other Royals Skypiea :. Games :. Movies :. She also usually wore a dark ascot. She is a skilled unarmed combatant and was able, with the aid of her Devil Fruit, to defeat Mr. Reiju is also capable of secreting poison from her body and combining it with physical attacks. When Judge claimed that Sanji died in an accident, her brothers expressed amusement while Reiju was shown hiding her concern behind a smile. She is a princess of the Germa Kingdom and a commander in its military arm, Germa She wondered why Sanji cared so much, and why he would return to a place which he had tried so hard to forget. She was seen standing beside Fleet Admiral Sakazuki , silently listening as the others discussed the matter.

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Knowing that Sanji was not deceived, a grateful Luffy thanked Reiju before much to Reiju's shock jumping out of the infirmary window. As a child, she had the same haircut but with shorter hair. Germa Kingdom :. During the exchange, she admired Luffy's loyalty and commitment to her brother, especially when he refused her offer of food she recalled Luffy's promise to only eat Sanji's food in the future. Movies :. Mokomo Dukedom :. Categories :. When she was three years old, just before her brothers were born, Reiju witnessed a huge argument between Judge and Sora about the genetic enhancements Judge wanted to perform on their sons; however, she did not understand what they had been discussing until much later.

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After reuniting with Sanji, Reiju commented that the Straw Hats were a "puny" and insignificant force despite their bounties and reputation. When their father, Vinsmoke Judge , arrived, Reiju greeted him. Afterward, she is impressed when Douglas Bullet merges with several ships. Germa Reiju also mentioned that she tried to convince Sanji to leave the island, but he was still worried about the chefs at the Baratie and the Straw Hats. Pirates :. However, with the attacks getting worse, Reiju and her family decided to fight Big Mom in order to give the alliance an opening to escape. She is a skilled unarmed combatant and was able, with the aid of her Devil Fruit, to defeat Mr. In the ensuing confrontation against the Big Mom Pirates, Reiju remained with Luffy and Sanji as they attempted to buy time for Caesar to flee with Bege.

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She then directed Sanji to a cruise ship docked on the coast of the country that Germa 66 was attacking, and told Sanji that he would find people who'll treat him the way he deserves to be treated. Fighting Style Based :. It protects her from fire [83] , bullets [84] , and strong blows. Aside from this habit, however, she does not make any effort to act cutely and usually appears very stoic. As Big Mom screamed, Chopper placed earplugs in her ears and Nami returned the Vinsmokes' raid suits to her and her family. Sign In Don't have an account? Reiju and Yonji then left the Sanji Retrieval Team alone without making a scene. In response, Reiju lied and said that she had requested a separate room in order to avoid the ruckus caused by their drinking. Five Families of the West. With Luffy's life saved, Reiju thanked the crew for taking care of Sanji.

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Abilities Fighting Style Based :. Instead, Reiju cherishes Sanji and his kind personality, which Sora had given her own life to protect. Ichiji then told his siblings to set sail. Knowing that Sanji was not deceived, a grateful Luffy thanked Reiju before much to Reiju's shock jumping out of the infirmary window. When commanding the forces of Germa 66, Reiju wears a raid suit , comprising a light pink dress with a split in the center going down to her stomach and her navel, and covered by gold target-shaped symbols - references to the number "0" Rei in her name. Zoan Canon :. Smoker angrily denied it, stating that it was Straw Hat Luffy and his crew who took down Crocodile, not him. Other Locations :. The next day, she was present when Smoker received a call from Marine Headquarters, congratulating him and Tashigi for defeating Crocodile and that they were to be given medals and would be promoted. On the way, they encountered Luffy and Nami.

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