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Shikamaru x temari hot

Now, that was all changing. Taking the Risk by Lazeny reviews ShikaTema. Soon Temari couldn't speak any more she was feeling too much pleasure, she found her voice when she was about to have an orgasm, "Shikamaru I'm coming" she screamed. Shikamaru terkekeh karena tiba-tiba dia teringat pertama kalinya Temari berkata seperti itu.

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Shikamaru x temari hot

But what happens when Shikamaru is tired of it all? Kind of. Temari and Shikamaru in the rain Wind Shadows by Shadow Owner reviews Temari's not entirely new to complicated relationships. The steady rock of his hips turned to sensual grinds that easily pushed her over the edge. She goes back home,bringing a broken heart. Read and review if you like. Instead, I came up a series of one-shots. Rated T for language.

Namun, apa boleh buat. Pria bermarga Nara itu yakin pasti ketika Temari sedang berada di ruang Hokage, Kakashi sudah memberi tahunya soal gelar Jounin yang baru hari ini dia dapatkan. Is it possible to fall in love with someone based solely on how they write? Gli Shinobi sono quelli che dovrebbero essere a governo di questo mondo. They could change, they could fight it. Some fluff, some serious. Kau sudah tahu duluan dari Kakashi-sensei yah? You know what I hate?

Haihai, akhirnya saya bikin fanfic oneshot lagi tentang ShikaTema Ini cerita sebenernya headcanon yang ada di otak saya sejak beberapa tahun lalu, tapi baru kesampean buat dijadiin fanfic ahahaha Untuk timeline ceritanya saya mengambil setting ketika sebulan setelah perang shinobi ke-4 itu selesai. I don't own Naruto. Temari pun menoleh ke arah suara teriakan tersebut. She is a little out of her element Will they kill each other during the process? Shikamaru's a country boy. Shikamaru frowned. Sequel to Yogurt. Sister to post-canon drabble dump: days later. Rated T for cussing.

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Flames welcome, constructive criticism worshipped. To him, she deserved so much more. Aku akan memanggil Sakura kembali untuk mengawalimu hari ini kalau kau ingin jalan-jalan di sekitar Konoha. Staring Contemplation by ennaatheart reviews A series of ShikaTema one-shots. Meet the Naras by Twi-Smile reviews Temari's first dinner with the in-laws. Shikamaru's Woodspurge by Apologies. Monster by glockcourage reviews Summary: AU. And wedding anniversaries are meant to celebrate your love for each other, so you better do something romantic. Christmas in Suna by Rose-Aki reviews Shikamaru is stuck in Suna on Christmas and learns how the holidays are celebrated there.

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Rate T! Rated T for safety. And how will the Sand react to the kidnap of the Kazekage's sister? Taking the Risk by Lazeny reviews ShikaTema. Apa pun misi yang selalu diberikan, asalkan ke Konoha, dia akan selalu dengan senang hati menerimanya biarpun membutuhkan waktu sekitar 3 hari untuk menuju Konoha kalau dari desanya, yaitu Sunagakure. Poor Shikamaru. Dropping in Unannounced by Randomonium reviews Kiba and Naruto decide to drop in on Shikamaru unannounced. I lied by KuyaNR reviews A perfect dinner, a beautiful date, all set up by Shikamaru the night before she must return home. She was beyond troublesome. It drove him forward, emptied his mind of anything aside from her, and left him high—soaring with a rush of pleasure that only she could award him.

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The Mask by Kimiz reviews With each step he took forward with that mask on, a chunk of his soul would fall along the way. Rate T! Wartime Memories by igiveuoneguess reviews Set after the war. Meet Shikamaru and Temari, the least compatible people in the world, and there you have it. We did this every damn time we landed ourselves in the infirmary. It's the thought behind it. Shikamaru travels to Suna on Konoha business. Simplicity by MoonLitRomance reviews "I'm not that smooth type of girl. Shikamaru had never been one to have any interest in the rain. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Temari turned to face him, resting her hands on her hips while slowly walking closer. Kenapa dia seperti terburu-buru sekali untuk langsung cepat pulang menuju Suna kembali. It was a combination of things, from her keen intellect to her quick wit and impressive strength. Did either of them ever think twice about the idea of being with someone so far away? Non poteva fare a meno di sorridere. Shikamaru's birthdays through the years. The Perfect Gift by makoshark reviews "Son, let me give you some advice. He blamed her entirely. Yes, he thought, somewhere along the line, he, Nara Shikamaru, fell in love. Oh god, what have you done to me'" She was cracking, unwinding.

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